Blow In It

With the movie Wreck It Ralph coming out, it is definitely a way to get 30-40 somethings to take their kids to watch a movie. Why? The movie harkens back to their childhood and the then “wonderful” 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. The parents are going to see their old friends (or enemies) with Blinky, Bowser and Sonic. All while the kids will be drooling over the slick animation and 3D effects.

On a side note, am I the only person that doesn’t get the “draw” of seeing movies in 3D? That seems to have become all the rage (again) and I don’t quite get what is wrong with sitting back and getting lost in a 2D movie. Or perhaps I’m just cheap and don’t want to shell out the extra $8 (or whatever it is) for the opportunity to watch a movie in 3D.

Any way, back to the video games of our time… well… when they first started taking off. I remember getting my NES and how excited I was. (Santa did a great job that year.) Later on when Sega put out the Genesis, to rival the Super Nintendo, there seemed to be a “video game console war” going on between the two sides. I chose the Genesis and was very loyal with the brand through Sega CD, Nomad, Dreamcast and others. As I look at it now, perhaps I chose the wrong side.

Fast forward to the present the latest video game wars going on are between 2 companies who weren’t in the gaming world back then. (okay, if you still want to count Nintendo you can. But let’s be honest, they’re not going after the adult gamers, they’re still reaching out and talking to the kids.) Sony’s Playstation v. Microsoft’s Xbox. My brother loved his Playstation. I really like my PS2. Now my Xbox360 has died via the RRoD (why wasn’t that a disease to lose by on Oregon Trail?) The question is, what system do I back now???

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  1. George G Posted on Why don’t you just call their customer secvire number and speak with a live agent and have them walk you right through it.

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